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Guardiola has helped me improve when

Le 25 juin 2017, 08:48 dans Humeurs 0

Guardiola has helped me improve when I get the ball right, I have to cast space Martin St. Louis Jersey, Guardiola's tactics are very suitable for me, can let me play my offensive strengths. What he did was so that I could concentrate on seeing where I could pass, because there was always room, and I always wanted to find the other gap, which would make our offense even more sharp. Recently, the C Lo tax evasion of the news Mika Zibanejad Jersey, and this also makes C Lo greatly annoyed Pavel Buchnevich Jersey, so the media also broke the C Lo so leave the news of the other team defected to Real Madrid. C Luo is the world's top football players, he wants to leave the news of Real Madrid, the next stop of the report is overwhelming. Chelsea, Paris and even Milan are associated with the future of C Luo, and has always been more rigorous "Sky Sports" is broke the news that C Luo eager to leave Real Madrid after returning to the effectiveness of Manchester United, although has left the Red Devils for many years, but C Luo for Manchester United is very miss, reported that C Luo has asked the broker Mendes to make every effort to help complete the return to Old Trafford's wish Chris Kreider Jersey.

Fulham hope 3-game winning streak

Le 25 juin 2017, 08:47 dans Humeurs 0

Fulham hope 3-game winning streak: Magath's team finally stood up in the desperate, the last round they at home 1-0 Lectra Norwich Mike Gartner Jersey, scored two points after winning points to 30 points, away from the relegation zone only Poor 1 win. The campaign they will bring 2-game winning streak to go to the White Hart Lane, although the Spurs than before Vera and Norwich are strong, but also the London derby Jarret Stoll Jersey, but Fulham still have enough power to fight for three The ?Away to Liverpool (official microblogging data) Michael Grabner Jersey, home tough battle Sunderland, nearly two rounds of the league, Manchester City (official microblogging data) only harvest 1 point, less race round of the situation behind the leader Liverpool up to 6 Points, to win hope is slim. Beijing time on April 18, according to "Daily Mail" and "Sun" news, Manchester City executives confirmed will not dismiss coach Pellegrini Rod Gilbert Jersey, and promised this summer will be invested heavily. Since September 14, 3-1 victory over Sunderland, Arsenal began to dominate the Premiership top position, until February 8 Arsenal 1-5 lost to Liverpool, the gunmen lost the top position. 38 weeks of Premier League, Arsenal have up to 20 weeks to stay at the top, but now they have missed the title, it is not crazy? The

Tottenham midfielder Denver will face

Le 25 juin 2017, 08:47 dans Humeurs 0

Tottenham midfielder Denver will face the old master Nick Holden Jersey, the 26-year-old Belgian international missed the game against Sunderland and West Brom new york rangers jersey cheap, but now he has come back from injury, Monday night he participated in the same with Manchester United ) U21 youth team game and played for 90 minutes. Dawson and Soldado have resumed training, but Velong Hang, Walker, Capo and Lamera are still scared. Fulham side, rented from the Spurs rented by the German midfielder Holtby will be due to lack of qualifications, a record introduction of the Greek gods Mitroglou is still absent due to knee injury, he may be with the next weekend with Hull City League comeback. Manchester United's current market price of about 20 billion pounds or so Adam Clendening Jersey, the Glazer family holds 90% of the shares of Manchester United, the remaining 10% in 2012 by the Americans into the market. "The Sun" reported that the gold six classes are preparing to raise funds, Manchester United from the hands of the family of Glazer bought, and said the players have been negotiated with many wealthy businessmen, plans to form a consortium, from the Gray Back all shares. Liverpool Jorden 11-game winning streak: the last round of Liverpool in the King of the War on the King 3-2 Lectra City (official microblogging data), ho league 10 straight, control of the initiative to win, and now Liverpool up and down for the 24-year league The first crown and fight. The campaign, Liverpool will be a guest carlo road game against Norwich, in order to continue to win the initiative in their own hands, Liverpool's goal is of course in the canary who won the league's 11th straight game Emerson Etem Jersey. The Red Army last time in the top league made 11 consecutive victories, but also dates back to October 1990, when they were 12 consecutive victories across the season. Liverpool scored a single season with only one single season, in May 1982. Both sides of the season opener, Liverpool at home 5-1 swept the opponent. Liverpool last lost to the opponent in the league also dates back to 1994.

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