Manchester City ho throw heavily to sign Negredo, Fernandino, Navas and Jovice, plus the array of the original Aguero, David - Silva and Kompany (microblogging) and other top players , Pellegrini under the command of Manchester City is regarded as Premier League (microblogging topic) to win the big popular Jimmy Vesey Jersey, but now "Blue Moon" has basically quit the ranks of the title race. In the outside world that Pellegrini or was dismissed, Manchester City executives came forward with strong Chilean engineers. As the squad leader of the gold six classes, Beckham recently attended a car brand endorsement activities in the exclusive interview with Tencent sports. When he heard a reporter questioning the acquisition, the fans first show a smile of the fans Rick Nash Jersey, then they did not hesitate to use a "NO" word broke the Red Devils fans desire him to rebuild Manchester United brilliant fantasy, "I am present There is no plan to buy Manchester United Matt Hunwick Jersey. In fact, as early as 2010, the media on the disclosure of Beckham retired after the team boss and even president of the FA. But in February this year, the media disclosed Beckham has spent 25 million US dollars to prepare the formation of the US occupation football league's Miami team. Ning Yuan cast his country, and not help to save the dire straits of Manchester United, this time Beckham through Tencent exclusive denial of the acquisition of Manchester United Dan Girardi Jersey, do not know how many red devils fans heartbreak.